Click the image to enter Student House

Featuring the work of twelve students from Bradford School of Art, Student House is a platform to showcase and celebrate work from the next generation of artists and designers. Here you won't find any white-walled gallery space. Instead you'll find wonderfully unique artworks, installed with all the quirks that you'd come to expect from Saltaire Inspired.  

Each of our twelve exhibitors have had to consider what it means to exhibit within their own four walls. Taking inspiration from where it all started, at No.6 Titus Street we now present you with a tour of this year's Student House. Click the image to step inside.

Click the image to enter Student House

You're On The Doorstep

Student House is a project by Saltaire Inspired supported by Bradford Metropolitan District Council through Community Arts and Culture Grants: Response. 

The role of  Saltaire Inspired's 2020 Artist Support Intern is supported by Arts Council England.

Student House was created in partnership with Bradford School of Art.

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